The Escapists App Reviews

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Great Game!

When I first bought this game I played it for 10 hours straight. It has role playing elements with strategy and character affinity with item crafting... its a really fun game. The only complaint I have is crafting is supposed to be trial and error. I think this can be extremely frustrating, because you may craft something you think you need. or spend a few virtual days trying to save up for certain items when it turns out they were the wrong items or you didn’t need them. They also make you pay (virtual in-game currency) for “tips” which basically are crafting recipes. Look up the crafting recipes online and keep it by your side while you play, is in my opinion the way to keep the game engaging and not frustrating. I’ve played quite a few mobile games, and this is a gem. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes games to be challenging and engaging while still being a lot of fun. I don’t recommend it to casuals, lol. you may get a little flustered if you’re just used to candy crush ;)

Needs Map Editor

The game is great, just needs map editor and the ability to recruit other inmates.


It’s a great game and all but I was thinking more of a challenge somthing harder like multiplayer online multiplayer I just think that’d be a nice twist and maby a voice chat feature or somthing so you can communicate or have like teams just a idea like a team of online players being cops and others being prisoners and each has a given role or somthing ya know? That’s just my idea I hope you can make this multiplayer because some can’t afford escapists 2 right now like me

2 version

Plz add the escapist two like in the ps4 I’m tired of this one and don’t forget the cars and bikes and helicopters don’t forget anything and make it free for people ho already have the 1

Keep Crashing

In the first hour of playing the game, it already crashed a few times. It’s a fun and challenging game, and I would recommend it more and give it a higher stars if not for the constant crashing. I’m playing on iPad Pro 10.5 so my device spec shouldn’t be a problem. I tried everything from redownload the game to reset my ipad. Still crashing...

Best game ever

This game is awesome I saw People play this so much I recommend for you to buy it

GREAT GAME but 1 bug

this is a great game and the secont game came out when i just bought it its still good the 1 bug is u drop alot of stuff on the floor that covers the floor pick up the desk u cant put it down so i had to restart and can u add multiplayer on mobile

Super fun! One of the best apps I have

But for some reason I had to delete it and get it again. It wouldnt let get into the game! I do love this app though, even if I had to delete all my data. I’m happy to play the levels I completed again.

Just One Thing

No complaints, just cant wait for escapists 2 to be on mobile ;)

Guard mode

Please ad a guard mode every prison game has you playing as a inmate but it would be fun to play a guard to deal with riot and shake downs and keeping the prisoners in line other than that issue perfect game

Cannot escape stalag flucht

In the prison “Stalag Flucht”, I tried to dig out, but when I turn the generator off, it turns back on too early, please make the generator stay off for longer. On computer it works, so why not on mobile? Other than that, The escapists is a great game.

I can’t hear!!!

Someone help me I can’t hear

Awesome game

I love this game it is so fun and sometimes kind of hard it worth the money though

Add a prison editor for mobile.

I love this game the only thing i would like added is a prison editor DLC so you can make your own prisons on mobile and not have to own the computer version to do so.



Very good game!

First of all, I love the base and structure that has been build in this game. The only thing that is annoying is that IPad or IPhone users cannot play the escapists 2. I know it may be very laggy, but it would give us some new content too. Most people would say: “ Well, have you ever heard of BUYING a computer?”. Yes, mine is currently broken. So, if you could please make the Escapists 2 that would be great. Plus, if would sell very well.


Great but we need the escapists 2

It won't let me escape

I billed a cutter to destroy the gate but every time it made me go to solitary

No iPhone X Support

Please update to support iPhone X full screen!

The escapists is awsome!

It’s really awsome!my friend Henry play is a lot!im on San Pancho but I will escape all of the levels! Shankton state pen is super easy! Alcratraz is super easy you can buy stuff from inmates I wish this was on the NES! Which awsome is you can create your own prison!


It’s super good and it’s worth paying

Tedious rpg in a boring settings with sh*t glasses

Tedious rpg in a boring settings with sh*t glasses

Too good to be true

THIS GAME IS SO FUN AND ADDICTING.I watch DanTDM’s YouTube channel he played this game but I was so mad because I wanted to get it but I didn’t know u could get the game.I was so exited when I saw the game!Right when I found it I MASHED the download button! When I did it hurt my finger...a lot.BUT THIS GAME IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.

This is great!

For only 4$ this is a great strategy game with multiple ways to beat it.

Read developers of this game

It won’t let you get out of James inventory😭 otherwise it is a great game 😄

Suggestion-Plz read.

Add another extra it “school” know what else.make it about moderate.

Need something

I really like this and I mean REALLY like this but could we please get a map editor?

Oh my gosh!

This is best game ever so worth the MONEY

Amazing but a few bugs and issues.

I really love the game I'm on the last prison HMP-Irongate and it was perfect except there is a few bugs and issues. The bug is when you first start, it has the black around and it slowly fades, if I'm about to escape I will reload and an inmate will attack me and I will lose all my items and I will have no choice but to lose them. The issues is you can't make some items. For example: you can't make powered screwdriver or plated gaurd outfit ect. If you fix the bugs/issues then I will go to a five star. Great job on creating the game. 100% worth the money. Edit: I restarted and I had everything I needed to escape and I keep getting killed! No matter what I keep getting killed! This is so frustrating so now I have to start all over again..

Great game

Great game except it’s really hard and frustrating(but I think that’s the point). Also make stuff easier to get because I’m trying to get a metal plate but only one person has it out of like 18 people and you have to buy it and he doesn’t like me so he won’t sell it to me. Which leads me to another problem. If you knock someone out and you check their pockets it’s annoying that you don’t get what they were selling because in real life that would happen(but again I think it would be too easy to get items if that happened).also it’s annoying that if you’re trying to fight someone but you hit someone else like a cop. When someone hits you and then you automatically hit them back and then a guard sees you hit someone else but not them hit you it’s annoying because they chase after you so that’s another problem. Also other NPC’s should be able to be sent to the doctor and to solitary confinement because some people actually have contraband items on them/in their desk. Everything else is amazing and perfect.

Awesome game... one problem

So I love this game but if there’s a character that hates me and I try to load at roll call they try to beat me up. Normally it’s fine but sometimes my character fights back automatically and the cops think I threw the first punch so they take me out and I loose my stuff every time I load the game. Besides that this is an awesome game and I love the updates!!! Keep up the good work.

It keeps crashing

I like this game very much, its cool, but it crashes sometimes, a lot lately. It should work perfectly since I have ios 9.3 and an ipad mini 1. Please fix it and i will rate 5 stars, because this game is great.

Great Game

Please add more maps

Awesome but...

Multiplayer? No? Ok then...

It’s good but...

I don’t quite like how when there is no police officers around me and yet the warden still smacks a letter in my face saying that I have to go to solitary confinement. The amount of time they allow for you to actually escape is not very realistic, it’s not enough at all. Other than all that, it’s a quality app.


Yo ok, so I thought this was a bit cheap and big you tubers do dis stuff n this is legit better than it yah lol

This game kills

Hey, guys! Here is a review (duh): Amazing idea. This is totally a cool prison escape game. But as always, there are negatives. 1. A bit boring so to speak. Solution: LAN Multiplayer, events in-levels, more bonuses, deeper consequences, more items, police much stronger. 2. Character. Solution: how about there are girls? What if you could choose a skin type then hair details? 3. All the levels seem to be based on the same schedule. Solution: Different prisons call events different names. There could also be different places to go, like a recreational center. In snowy areas, make snowballs! Thanks for reading please respond to this

Awesome but

The game is awesome it’s been working since I got it but this morning and since then all it would do is stay on the start screen that’s says the escapists please fix this


I have watched some people on YouTube and I just hade to get it!! Any ways it’s a great game!!.


This is the best 2018 game I’ve played I do reviews and I play a LOT of games my total video game playtime JUST on mobile phone is about 500hrs total pc and console total it’s about 1 year I was gaming since the snes at 2yrs and my total play time is about and I’ve spent about 50 hours on this game promise

What a game

If I could I would rate it 10 out of 10. Like this is the game. It gives you a challenge on all the different ways to escape from prison. Would I recommend it to a friend. Yes I would recommend it to a friend. Any way if you are thinking about it don’t. Just get the game.

It’s good but..

I personally love this game and it’s concept . I played it a lot on pc but on here the controls just seem off and whacky . I can’t get used to it

I love escapist

I love strategy games but this has to be one of my favorites of all time.

Promise, but Terrible Controls

Bummed I spent money on this when the controls are so bad. This game has promise but I can’t get over how bad the movement controls are. I haven’t played a mobile game with a d-pad this bad in years. I’m not sure what it is but it’s not good.


I am personally in love with this game. My brother Mick got me into this game about a month ago and I have already escaped Alcatraz about 100 times!! SO ADDICTING

Amazing exept the crashes

The game is amazing now it doesn't crash but most of the extra modes keep on crashing for me overall best game of all time

Best game ever! Add MORE prisons!

Maybe add some new prisons?


My brother would always play this on his xbox and I wanted to play to but he never would let me and then my friend told me about the app and I begged my mom and she let me get it iltasm❤️

Gr8 game with minor issues.

I absolutely love this game! But there are some things that I would like you to change. First, there are NO MULTITOOLS, which makes San pancho even harder to do! Secondly, there is no mobbing (when someone has 90+ opinion of you, you press a button, and they follow you.) which made prisons like Duct Tapes are Forever harder. And finally, there is a situation with plastic keys. In PC, they last a decent amount of time, where in IOS, they last about 2 seconds! I know there are glitches that fix this but I think they might have patched them. Anyways if you change these, I would be really happy with myself and Team17!

It’s good but

In the pc game u can make a prison plz add that and also add the option to recruit people who like you also in the pc version there are prisoner stashes or something like that plz add those to.

  • send link to app