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Amazing, I had an idea, however

Maybe, you can add a multiplayer page thing where you can build and share your own prisons! It would be really cool!

Worth it

When I got this I thought it would be low quality 💩. But to my surprise it’s completely like the console version and has only crashed once in three days of playing it. It’s totally worth the 4$

Multiplayer plez

I luv it all I want is multiplayer please and thank you

Escapist 2

Love it but when’s the second one? It’s on everything except phone


More prisons needed and iOS I can’t escape duct taps f forever it’s glitched u have to fix it too

This game is awesome!!!

I just want to say that this game is very funny.

A great game but

This is a great game but It always crashes and their should be female characters. Also their should be more prisons like a POW prison and you should be able to get into the sniper towers and knock them out and steal their gun

Add new prisons please

Hey escapists team I LOVE escapists and after I beat all the prisons I try to beat my old time but now it a little boring because I’ve beat half of them in a day and I already know the strategy. So please add new prisons. Thank you.

It’s way too hard

Plus I don’t really get it and it stole my money


Very cool and fun for people who like a challenge or like good sims

FIX JOB / Read post please!!!!!

ITS REALLY ANNOYING WHEN YOU CANT GET JOB BECAUSE YOUCANT SEE AMY VACANCY... please do this and I will rate game 5 out of 5 cool aids


This game is a down grade compared to console or pc but for it being portable it’s very good you can’t make certain weapons but the controls fell nice and over all the game is worth the price it much cheaper than console and pc . 😃

Awesome Game

This game is super good problem one of my favorites.I am glad you made it a hard game not an easy one because if it was easy people would be done with it in minutes but, they made it so it is not so easy.All in all, you should by this game, it is worth it.


If you have conflict with another inmate and they hit you, sometimes you gain heat/wantedness. If multiple people hate you it becomes nearly impossible to escape because when your about to exicute your play, you get beat up a toll call. So far it’s terrible only because of the bug.

Very cool but there are bugs

I like the dev. The game is super fun, when it works well. Crashes on game exit to main menu, which I have to try to do occasionally to reset the buggy text where it disappears entirely or smooshes it all to the top of the text box. Even after closing the app and opening it and loading my save, these bugs persist, which means it might be related to the save file. Still deserves 3 stars even with the bugs.

The game is amazing but...

I love the game, amazing! But if you have a iPad mini like me, you get very few glitches! Thank you for this amazing game otherwise!

Da best game ever

The escapists is personally my favorite game I the App Store. It is definitely the most accurate prison simulator out there. If I could chose one thing to change I would like recruiting for iOS. It makes the App Store version a lot harder than pc. But even if they don’t add that, this is still da best game ever.

Just a suggestion

I have noticed when you beat the game theres nothing to do so I suggest that you add a multiplayer mode, a sandbox mode where there are no rules you can rhome around freely, a cheat mode where you get a grid of cheats only at the end of the game and you can cheat on any prison, and lastly a mode that lets you make your own prision and you can make the ai act diffrent also a multiplayer mode

Prison escapee

I recommend this app to anyone who loves a good challenge and interesting story line plus test your luck and skill on the variety of prisons. Tip: make sure you read your book in the pause and read the ways to craft and escape enjoy.

5 stars for awesomeness

No Problem


I can't bare these glitches. 1. There is no comb in the Extra Maps except for Alcatraz 2. Every time I get caught and reload a save the game crashes. 3. Sometimes the job board is just blank 4. I punch somebody even though I really didn't do anything I'm considering to delete the app if the comb glitch doesn't get fixed because that is a major item in the game.


Still awsome saws

Need to add

Could you guys add a way on I phone to make and play other people prison it would make getting that avichment possible for us.

Suggestion towards the developers of this game.

So this game is just wonderful. A full set of missions, sets of difficulties, very challenging, and best of all, fun. But what do we do once we are all done with the game? I have interview people, and they were pleased with the game, they loved the game, except the fact that there is nothing more to do once the game is complete, and that they had to pay for the game, so I was thinking, why not develop a multiplayer mode? So you can play online, it makes the game more fun, and it gives people a reason why they should keep playing this amazing game, good day.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME BUT IT WOULD BE EVEN BETTER WITH MULTIPLAYER!!!! AT LEAST BLUETOOTH, as in with your friend in the same house hold and not online because you can’t talk with online people with iOS, PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ABOUT THIS OPTION

Please try this but awesome game...

Please try and add more extra prisons like Santa’s sweat shop or some other ones that are in the pc version but thank you for the great game

Add in the walking dead

Very good game just like the pc version but one thing, they need to add in the walking dead. I know a lot of walking dead fans and escapist fans would love a up date like this to iOS & android witch would be grate update

When's the next one coming

I have an idea for an new update adding AR

I Love It But There A Glitch

So I started playing because I watched DanTDM video so I think I will play it on iOS. It was a very fun game but when I try to look at the job board it like glitch out and it won't show me the job board all it show was a board with nothing so I don't know what job do they have :/ OH and also the thing that detect bad stuff, like I have this best shovel in the game I made and when I went thought the detecter, and it start turning red but the police didn't kill me so ya.

Job boards don’t work

Job boards don’t work

Job board glitch

This game is great, but whenever I tap the job board, the text is invisible! How can I get a job when I can't see what the jobs are?


THANK YOU for the update! I was waiting for this update. Thank you some much From ???


We need to add powered screwdriver PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS😭😭😁😁

How do I recruit inmates?????!!!!!!

How do you recruit inmates. I can't finish the escape team prison. Can you please add a button so they will follow you. Other than that this game is awesome

Plz make it multiplayer

K so me and my sister love this game but we always want to escape together so please make it multiplayer. But overall love the game

This is a great game, though it could use a few improvements.

Alright, so this game is great and I really like it, though I found a few things wrong with the game. First, Green Beds, if you attempt to sleep on them, the game would crash instantly. Second, Plastic Keys, I noticed that the keys only have 4 uses rather than on the PC Version which has 10 uses. I know this may not mean that much, but for a few prisons, it's pretty hard trying to get the items in a room that require a Red key though, and having to go back in. If you could fix these problems, take your time.

The black box

It's a fun game but when I load a prison I keep getting knocked out the black box is annoying plz fix

Love it

But could you a prisoner of war camp or a mode where your a guard


Please keep adding new prisons!

Love it but.....

You know what you should do, be able to be a cop

Good but a little bit too easy

First of all great game really good but I made it to the 3rd prison and wanna know how I escaped the others? Prison takeover, which is really easy cause all you need to do is steal they're baton and you one shot them and just make a plastic key and your out bit too easy yeah?

Escapists is an amazing game, I got hooked

I got hooked when JackSepticEye played it on his channel, watched all his videos on it and loved to watch and imagine what I would do if I was actually in this situation. Thanks guys for such an awesome game!🌛

It's ok but

It's supper hard to breakout of there because half of the time all the Garda are in one place at free time

Fun but buggy

Not worth it until bugs fixed, cannot progress in game due to bugs.

Just getting started... very confused!

I'm just getting started with this game and I'm already lost. I was fired from my first job in the laundry room, but I don't know why. Now when I access the job boards, it loads a white square and locks up my game. I think the first time I saw it, it listed a bunch of little red outlined squares that told who had which jobs?? Now I have to close the app, which also loses whatever progress I had, and I'm stuck. Someone please help!



A strategy game of a new kind

It’s an amazing game, let’s get that off the bat. It’s an innovative way to make a strategy game out of a unique topic. Also family friendly, so kids of almost all ages are able to play this game, not only to have fun, but to learn basic strategy skills. The bugs have been ironed out, making this game a smooth masterpiece. DLC’s too? That’s an amazing deal! Overall this game is just as good as minecraft or roblox. A truly amazing game.

You can save your stuff if u sent to solitary in vents

This is amazing you can save your stuff in vents when sent to solitary!!! And THEY DONT TOUCH IT SO AWSOME

Some issues but overall great game

I doubt they’ll read this but theres a few bugs in the game and they are as followed 1.-When there is (suposedely) a job open on the job board, when you check it its just a white board with no text or buttons and no way to close out of it. 2.- sometimes when you get ko’d you will “wake up” to a black screen and again no way to fix it. Other than that i love this game

Can't Wait!!!!

Can't Wait Till Escapists 2 Comes Out On Mobile! Also Great Game!!!! I ❤️ This Game!

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