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Probably Fun, Terrible Controls

I assume this game is a lot of fun but the controls are so bad it's hard to get anything done. Standing next to your desk, you may just as well pick it up and start carrying it instead of opening it. Trying to talk to someone? Use the washing machine? Trying to dig? Controls are so wonky all I can focus on is how hard it is to do simple things. I can't imagine how bad it will be when trying to do hard things. Yes I've tried both control setups, they are both bad. Kairosoft has already figured out how to make mobile games with good controls, not sure what Team17 is trying to do.


Please add a multiplayer mode with this game it would make it sooooo much better!! Plz consider doing this soon. Make The Escapists even better!!!!!!!!!!

Fix this

When I get in the game and click a level the inmates kill me😱😾😾😡😡😡and I lose my escape idems


You just came our with the second yes? Why don't you get an app so I can play with my friends

10000000/0 buuuuut

i love the game and i necer stop playing it..but could you add like a contriband pouch or something...because i cant get past the Alcatraz extra because theres just too much contriband detectors...and also add more prisons pls...


I'm so glad Team 17 transferred this to Mobile! The Game Is So Good! Love It! Worth the 3 dollars for the game! Please Keep Adding More Prisons! Also I have A request: You Must make the escapist 2 for mobile PLEASE! If Not You Could always add an option with different textures or skins for all the items. Also It Seems A lot of People want local/Multiplayer and that would be so cool If You Did That Too! THANKS! #TEAM17!

My favorite game!!! 😃😃

This game is amazing. I love this game on steam and when it came out on App Store I bought it immediately so I could play it anywhere. If I could I would buy it again for full price so I could help the creator keep on improving the games few bugs. Speaking of which when ever I escape from stalag flucht it crashed. But I ignore it because it is such a cool game with other awesome features to over look a little bug. Love this game 😘 -Tommy Urrabazo escapists lover


This is the best game ever made in the world! 👍👍👍👍👍 but ad Santa's sweatshop

New mode

You should add multiplayer to the first excapists


It's so good I love it and the tools too ITS SUCH A GOOD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/10 Best game i've played

I had so much fun playing this! The things that make it great are 1. Straightforward and easy to use controls. 2. Great difficulty scale. 3. Great prisons, ands awesome mobile only features. If you want an answer to "should I buy it?", YES. You should. This is a great game, and each prison gets better and harder than the last, each being unique in graphics and how you escape. Each prison has a different layout, allowing someone who has never seen the prison to be amazed.


Such much prison 11/10


The game is amazing and I have no complaints, amazing

Very fun and exciting

Ok so first off, I LOVED the difficulty scaling, for example the first prison has no metal detectors, vents, a cheap pay phone, and more, and the difficulty got higher and higher slowly, but quickly at the same time of that makes sense. Also, when preforming a (successful) escape attempt, I found my heart racing if it took a long time to get here! The special prisons are super fun and some of the normal ones had exclusive items that felt realistic and fun to try to get and use! Sometimes you have to build REALLY elaborate escape plans and sometimes you just use brute force! Also after you escape a prison you get treated to a little clip of you failing to escape and that explains why you then unlock a harder prison! And it feels soooo satisfying to see your character succeed in escaping from the last one! Overall this game is well worth the price, and it WILL test your wits. If there was a 1-10 rating scale it'd be a 10 so if you like strategy games, get this.

I love it

Can you add muitplayer and versus and more prisons

It's a great game

So I've played it a lot it takes me about to hours to a level I think it should have more levels though

I love but

I cant get in


Very fun game I love it 5 Stars!!!!!!!

Favorite game

I love the game it's amazing it's just the fact that you make it like a boys only game please add girl skins girls deserve to be there right gender.


It's a really good game, well worth the money I spent on it, but I've been hoping they'd add in some way to play with friends, kinda like a cooperative world. They add that, and this is a 5 star game.

Wish is had more content.

This is by far one of my favorite games. I just wish that there were more prisons. I've beaten all 9 several times now, and it gets very boring. Please add more.


I love the game! I really like it. I first got it a while ago, but deleted. I re downloaded it, but I have a problem that I didn't have before. Whenever I select an item in my inventory, the blue box around it stays there, even when I select a different item.

If you add multiplayer it make this game 10 times better

I love this game it it great but with a few bug.Im not going to get into that in this review so with a multiplayer local mode we're you can escape with your friends would be awesome.Can you plz add it it would be great. Thanks for the great game!!!!!

More Prisons!!!

I love this game almost to an unhealthy level, but now that I've played all of the prisons through twice its getting dull. Make more prisons available in packs for us to purchase!!!! Edit: Thank you for Escape Team! Please keep them coming!

Update Request

Can you add local multiplayer please

Love it + a few ideas

I LOVE this game. I've only beaten 2 levels and got stuck on the 3rd level. I wish it would tell you ALL the possible ways to escape ranging from easiest to hardest. Also I read that the inmates on the PC version will basically do what you say if you have there trust. Only other things I'd like is to make the inmates more intractable like have them craft/find thugs over like a days period and you pay them with cash or respect. Other than that love the game. Keep up the good work


Every time I move an item to my inventory it has he blue highlight around it like when you in the hospital bed when you tap an item while in bed it has a blue highlight and you have to tap the item a few time to fix it it's really annoying especially when trying to beat up a guard and the trowel was selected it digs and I get sent to solitary instead of beating up the guard



Love it

Great app. Fun as hell. I play it a ton.., but could u add more eapps

Please remove prison

When you added the escape team it is stuck in loading and won't move. Pretty please fix this it would mean the world to me.🙏

Really good but technical issues

Any time you selct an item it leaves a blue aura around it until you double click on it Also a slight issue when selecting items otherwise great

This is great but

I love this game but you should add a feature like the computer version where you can create your own prison

escapists 2 for mobile?!?!????

Will The Escapists 2 be out for Mobile devices?


Good game, really good good game

I love it

This is an awesome game but more prisons plz



Pretty good but a few things...

Very good game but a few suggestions: more maps... some girl characters for the girl players but I am a boy multiplayer and local...finally... ESCAPIST 2 FOR MOBILE.... BTW I love your game guys keep up the good work.. please take the suggestions into consideration and try it. Thx for reading bye

Awesome game but glitch and no reward

I keep going to the part with the final pipe (hmp irongate) and I phase through it plus I got lucky and I completed it and I got no reward for like 19 tries

Great App but I have one request

(Ignore my review name. I didn't think through writing it.) So, this game is probably one of the best apps out there that is from computer to mobile. It's a fun game that is not just a fight your way out but not a full on boring puzzle game. Team 17 found the perfect mix of both and made a escape game. Even though I got bored after reaching the desert compound, I started playing this game again lately on banned camp, and I remembered how FUN it is. I would say this game is essential for if you need a online game. I play this and use a crafting guide from the App Store (no ads on crafting guide when offline) on my long bus ride to school and car/plane trips. My request: I just read about the escapist: the walking dead. You guys should look into making a mobile port for that! If you do, I'm looking forward to it!!!


Good game I recommend it

great game

this game is like the awesome classic game


I GOT THIS GAME AND IT CRASHED EVERY TIME I HIT PLAY I never even got to start the game because once I name all the characters and go to the loading screen it crashes.I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK

😎good games dude😎

So I play the game every day it's epic I got out of 1 prision also plz make escapist 2 on here plz Good luck on ur games (Plz respond to me)

Please put prison editor

This is probably the best game for mobile devices, but I really wish that prison editor existed, it's really annoying because I have a good idea for a prison in the editor. Also, why no female characters? I am a male but it must be annoying to have to choose a male character. Also, multiplayer would be awesome especially if you could have an account name and invite other players to the game. Please respond I think a lot of people want this added, other than that 5 star game,thanks for reading.



It be boss

MLB da shaggy peeps

Escapist 2 now

Plzzzzzzzzzzz let it come out


I love it I'm been playing it for days and it is super epic but one thing it pretty hard so just get the guide for it but it is super super awesome

Plz add local multiplayer other than that the game is 👍


Please read ⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️🔙🔙🔙🔙

I have paid 4 dollars on a game that I love but it's hard to love a game when you can't play it's been 3 days now that every time I log in it crashes on me and takes me back to the home screen and thank you for reading

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