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Hard but great fun

This game is fun but it’s hard to keep the people who hate you away from you. I want to play the second one buts it’s teen (for mild violence and suggestive themes) any way it’s fun

I can’t get into the game

It takes me to the loading screen then it goes black and then it kicks me out


I am not pleased with the performance of the game. Every time I open the game, it crashes. Devs I would like a refund if the game. Thank you, and have a good day


Best game in the world🇺🇸🇺🇸🙃

Very good game but add something

When I was playing the game and saw all the guards hmm how about you guys could make a guard mode. I personally think that it would be very good. So plz plz plz PLZ make a guard mode.

I can’t play anymore

I always used to play this but now I can’t anymore. Whenever I try to go into the game it crashes and takes me back and it keeps happening unless I switch off my iPad and back on again so I could close it. Please can you fix it?


I rlly love this game, it’s super fun and there’s so many different ways to escape and so many different maps! However, recently there’s been an occurring glitch where the game crashes and I have to load from the last save point. Normally I wouldn’t care too much, but it keeps happening right after I get the plastic red key! And it happens before the game saves so I have to get it again! Pls fix this glitch.

Plz add dis...

You should add girl skins! Girls play this game too... not just boys. Plz add girls! I don’t like playing as a guy

Amazing game! Just one suggestion.

Let me start by saying that this game is GREAT. It is totally worth 5$. I got this a year ago and deleted it to make room for other games (huge mistake). I just re-downloaded it, and I do not plan on deleting it again. The tutorial level does exaggerate a little bit, but that’s a tutorial in a nutshell. Also a tip for when you start a prison (this applies to every one). On breakfast on Day 1, grab a Plastic Knife and equip it as a weapon. Now for the suggestion. I’ve watched DanTDM play The Escapists 2, and there was a map. Could you add a map in a Settings tab? That does not only apply for The Escapists on mobile, I mean in general. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you enjoy The Escapists!

Fun game

Really love this game. Now I hope they add escapists 2


Kinda hard to control but hours of fun :D I am not a robot

Love it

When I first started the game I didn’t really k ow what I was doing but that didn’t stop me from escaping but it took me to day 10 on the easiest level so I moved on to the next level and beat it on day 3! The only thing I would change about this game is changing it to first or third person perspective overall this is a five star game that takes a little bit of patience.

Best game ever!

This game is Amazing! When I saw it in pc by dantdm on Pc I was like I WANT IT! And now that I played it is so cool I hope the the escapists 2 comes out on mobile everyone send support and tell the developers to make the escapists 2 on mobile if they do it I will be so happy! 😄😁😇


Right now the only problem is when you try to look in another inmate's room the officers always find out making it WAAAY to hard to get stuff. If there are any other problems I will let you know.

Just One Thing

No complaints, just one suggestion, (this is written after Paris pen prison 2018) maybe your next update like in may you could add prison maker on mobile? Like wall selections and prisoner count guard count cameras the different already pre-made sections of the prison and add a requirements so you have to have all the rooms necessary to run a full prison day but you can have it optional to skip one meal but have max and min room and people count that will be awesome! Should be simple enough to put on mobile platform right? Also (written 2 months after previous suggestion) in PC when u get a inmate to 90 opinion you can recruit and dismiss them to fight with you, can you please add this in mobile? Or if it already is and i dont know how can you please tell me? No complaints just suggestions and eager for escapists 2! :D

Needs to fit IPhone X screen

I love the game, but the game still hasn’t been updated to fit the screen of the IPhone X and it looks really small.

Fantastic games but...

I believe this game is amazing but when I played on the pc version I noticed a few differences. First off, I either didn’t see it or the fhurst peak correctional facility is no there. Second off, I noticed that the graphics were improved which make the game look better but sometimes I would like it if there was some type of option to change the graphics. Lastly I saw that the way you use tools is different. I would just like there to be options for all of these!

Great game

It’s a great game, but I have one problem. Almost every time you load save the prisoners and guards attack you when you aren’t even able to move yet since the game is loading in. This happens to me frequently and I think it needs to be fixed


This is such a good game! When I first downloaded this game I played it for 4 hours straight! This game maybe be hard but it so fun! Plus I love pixel games! Also no violence it’s just a little punch! Keep up the good work!

Here’s a tip for you

Here’s a tip for you: on the first prison all you need is strength and a baton. Knock out all police officers then go through the door when the prison rush or whatever the name is happens the door opens when all cops are knocked out


Make a escapeisis 2 and you should add a mode were you can desain your own prisons and you can make it so you never run out of space in the prison creater

Love it love it love it

Love it

Loved it but it's not working anymore 😭

I loved playing The Escapists but... It's not working for me anymore. It just stays on the title screen! I want to know if it's happened or happening to other people, because I want to play it again


Why don’t you take showers naked !!!!!!

The best prison game

As you know I like this game just multiplayer is not in the game or I am dumb and rest of the game rules just I want to restart the progress and you can only delete and download the game to start from the beginning the fact you can name people is cool other than those problems super super super awesome

I ❤️ this game ,but...

When I go to the room I need to be in when I go around the inside of the room guards say I’m not in the room can you please fix I would rate 4.5 but there’s no option

Please update the game

The reason is that this game would update and you ignore 😫😫😫😫😫😫

A Suggestion

The game is great! It does good like the PC edition, but a few things removed. Only problem is that when you get onto the roof, walking between buildings using the pipes is hard, and leaves little room for error, making escaping HMP Irongate using the rooftops harder. My suggestion would be that you should have to keep walking onto the edge or make the room for the pipes bigger. 1 Star, since although this is major, I still should show respect to the rest of the game. Edit: Just beat it, but you have to slowly get into the middle, and walk without going up or down at any point while you do your act.

I got to dab for it!

I like this game soooooo much I would dab for it!



Great Game But...

This is an absolutely great game I love every aspect of it but. The first few are so easy all u have to do is get super buff buy a good weapon beat the crap out of all the officers and the gates open. So plz do something about this but overall it is a great game.


I love this game and it is so much fun on mobile but it needs multiplayer. I want to escape from prisons with my buddies not by myself. The game gets boring after playing by yourself for a while. Otherwise I have no other issues with the game.

So bad ants are so much

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Great game!!

Personally I love this game!! It really is great to use on long car rides, but the only downside is that the screen doesn’t fit on the iPhone X. Plz fix it if any developer reads this!



Just downloaded

No iPhone X support? Why did I just waste the money.

It’s ok

I don’t like it when I spawn in the game and then the medal detector got me killed when I spawned in

Escapeists PLEASE add more maps, I anyways love this game.

The Escapeists is the best escaping games EVER! But 1 thing they should add more maps like “The Banned Camp” Anyways it’s super fun.


I like it not love it but the cops are to ugh hard to beat and u know never ever make one on lest u have a good thing

More updates ,please?

Make a mod were teddy bears can be crafted with clothes by having 0 or more intelligence. If you give them to people, you will be liked more. Crafting it will give you more intelligence. Cop bears are not illegal to the cops or the detectors. Items: teddy bear- inmate outfit or cop outfit.

Keeps crashing every 5-7 mins

Have newest phone, update, ios. It’s a mystery

Please, just do this one thing for me.

Im ABSOLUTELY obsessed with this game. I have been read on one of my comments before (At least I think that was me), and the developers fixed a glitch for me. But this is different, so just hear me out. I want a prison maker for ios. I always wanted to be able to make my prison on the go. Hopefully I can see this soon, and thank you!

Old names and Jeeps

please add the POW outfit back to stalag, jungle, and pancho Also add a Jeep to jungle compound. I’m in HMP and it’s kinda easy cuz guards don’t have stun rods, please add those back! Also add original names like elf outfit and not inmate outfit for every single one! Thanks and good game!

Fun game

I love playing this game with my little brother and he loves it to just wishing that it was more optimized to iPad Air 1


I wish to add the escape part II as soon as possible for mobile😭

Fun but sad

It's a really fun game but when I log in it kicks me out and it's a great game just fix more bugs like it kicking peaple out

Build your prison feature needed

This is a good game by team ten but they still need to come out with the build your own prison feature and I think the game will blow up so from me till then, it’s 4 stars

Great but, lots of bugs

I like it but, pls fix all these bugs! I keep on lagging off

Chinese support plz......

Chinese support plz......

Great Game!

I found this while just browsing the AppStore and is one of my favorite mobile games. I like that there are a variety of prisons and that you don’t have to buy a bunch of DLCs. At first I thought this wouldn’t be as good as the console and PC versions but it is very very good. The controls at first aren’t very good but once you get used to them it’s a very fun game. Money well spent

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