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Issue with screen size

Amazing game just wish I didn’t have black borders

Not the best

I feel like this game could have been a lot better on mobile. The reason why I say this is because I have played all the way through this game on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox one. I just feel like it was not nearly as good on mobile. The controls are not good in the slightest and it is almost impossible to aim at something that you want to. Mouldy toof studios is a very good author, I just don’t understand why they did not put any effort into this. It’s like they just straight up ported the maps from the other versions, slapped in some controls and were done in less than a week. Just please, if you are reading this, just make the controls better. I ( and I’m sure many other people) would like this game a lot more if the controls were better

It won’t load

It won’t load and I love this game


This game is rated 4.5/5 and it does not disappoint. I played this game for hours at a time. The best part is you don’t need WiFi to play it. There are a lot of prisons and each one gets harder, until you get to extras, then there is not order. If I could I would rate this game a 10/5. $4 is very cheap for a game this good. I love the 8-bit art style and really reminds me of my childhood. Also all the reviews that say it is too hard... you babies just need to grow up.

This game is awesome

This game is fun and hard and exiting ❤️❤️👾

Support for IPhone X?

Please make the display compatible for the bigger screens.


The game can cause problems and I accidentally purchased this item if you read this may I use the money for the item I was wishing to originally going to purchase

Pretty good

I really like this game I play on mobile the only problem is that in the totorial it tells you to escape threw the vents but I escaped when I beat up to many cops and it was lock down I killed all of them and it said the main gate was open so I got level one And now I’m on level three I escaped lvl 2 in four days anyway it’s a great game but on apple iPads it’s 4.99 so that’s kind of bull when it’s only 2.99 on my phone so it kind of ticks me off anyway great game

No iPhone X Support

Cant believe i paid $2 and it doesnt have the iphone x support

Good game, but this is really annoying

I enjoy the game concept and it’s fun trying to break out of jail. There are a few things I don’t like about this game. Number one is that you can’t fight backup, you just automaticity get put in solitary. I wish there were more powerful specialized cops, you could still fight them though. My main problem is... what idiot that auto attacking would be a good idea, it’s literally impossible for me to get a good reputation because people always attack me and I literally do nothing but I attack them and all the cops get mad at me seriously that mechanic makes this game so stupid please remove auto attack.

Just one thing

I think you should add multiplayer I've been wanting to play with my friend all the time but I can't because there is no multiplayer please add it

Please fix the game for iPhone Xs

I am playing on the iPhone Xs and the game shrinks down and there are big bezels. Please make it so it can take up the entire screen for iPhone Xs

A good port

This is a good game, and. A good port, gameplay is simple, yet complicated. A worthwhile purchase with fun gameplay, lots of maps, and some customization. -Noahthehyperpotato

Can't play!

The game shuts down within 2 minutes of starting game play every time. Have deleted and re-installed twice but it still shuts down. Wondering how to get a refund. Hard to rate a game you can't even play. Have sent messages to developers but have not received any responses.


The game is awesome it’s just to hard and people and officers get mad really fast and keep beating me up

Love the game

This game is one of the most fun games in a while I got addicted to this game and played all night. Pls add the Escapist 2 with multiplayer so I could play with my friends I’d love. Thank you and have a good time play this game.

Great game, port is near spot-on!

Even if I hated the original game, I have to give it props to being a great port at least! The prisons are interesting in some way, such as San Pancho. In that prison, guards don’t come and patrol the area you’re allowed to explore without any keys except for Exercise Time, Roll Call, and Dinner and breakfast. One complaint I have is when you try to raise your intellect, your meter stays the same the first tine you try to raise it. It’s minor, but annoying at times. Also the touch controls feel wonky sometimes. I mean I don’t like touch controls in general but I mean you can accidentally go into a contraband detector (with contraband of course) instead of the other door you wanted to go in. I have a list of other complaints too, but that’s more fit for a review on Steam however. Would highly recommend this game. All versions.

Very good

Very good game but I wish there were in app purchases for dlc or a prison making mode where others could try to escape your prison

Keeps crashing

The game is amazing but after playing for awhile, it keeps crashing when I’m searching people or desks.


Its an amazing game to be honest but it would be better if it could have a multiplayer

Good game

The game is fun but screen not fully optimized for the iPhone X which is very frustrating after spending $4.99 for a game that the devs have had almost a year to update.



Great game but has a bug

I love this game, it’s an amazing puzzle strategy game and it takes time to actually escape which for me makes it worth the buy it’s not a game that you easily get bored not is it a game a goal and only one way to achieve that goal. It’s an amazing game however one of the things that helps get the player immersed is the naming part which for me it didn’t work. I would put in custom names but when the game starts I those names changed back to the default. But even with that bug I still give it 5 stars since it is still a good game but please fix this bug I really like the idea of customizing the names of the people.


Great game I’ve escaped 3 prisons but can you guys add a prison maker I’d play the game a lot more


When will you add the custom prison modes

Good but 1 Thing

I love the game it’s fun, challenging, and just a good game in general. However one thing that annoys me is that if u pay attention to what the prisoners and guards say sometimes it’s really well weird. Like I tired to escape dressed up as a guard and real guards stop would stop and say things okay let me check you out and stuff like that and I’ve had times during shower period were some other prisoners would say things like we could get a little crazy or something really close to that and I feel that those are uncomfortable and unnecessary but other that that the game is great. The prisons are different and cool. So many ways to escape I love the gameplay.


The reason why I’m giving this game 4 stars because I want this game to to optimize for iPhone X. ( Wide screen game instead of the Full screen game ) Also there are some bugs on the game and I would like them to be fix so things could b more fluid.

Bugs and glitches

I would just like to say in the game when I took the red key to make a red key mold I put the real key back on him but I was still having the red officer’s eyes on the side. This is just one little glitch with my game for some reason but it is still a GREAT game

Fun game

This is a fun game, it makes you think about ways to breaking out of prison in hilarious fashion. To the developers, will we be seeing an iPhone X update any time?

Good port

A couple of crashes while loading a few times but works fine. Also don’t know if I’m doing it wrong but I can’t get rid of the boulders underground. Bug?

Cost has changed

I remember when it use to be 4$ on iPhone why did the price go up now it’s 5$

Hard but great fun

This game is fun but it’s hard to keep the people who hate you away from you. I want to play the second one buts it’s teen (for mild violence and suggestive themes) any way it’s fun

I can’t get into the game

It takes me to the loading screen then it goes black and then it kicks me out


I am not pleased with the performance of the game. Every time I open the game, it crashes. Devs I would like a refund if the game. Thank you, and have a good day


Best game in the world🇺🇸🇺🇸🙃

Very good game but add something

When I was playing the game and saw all the guards hmm how about you guys could make a guard mode. I personally think that it would be very good. So plz plz plz PLZ make a guard mode.

I can’t play anymore

I always used to play this but now I can’t anymore. Whenever I try to go into the game it crashes and takes me back and it keeps happening unless I switch off my iPad and back on again so I could close it. Please can you fix it?


I rlly love this game, it’s super fun and there’s so many different ways to escape and so many different maps! However, recently there’s been an occurring glitch where the game crashes and I have to load from the last save point. Normally I wouldn’t care too much, but it keeps happening right after I get the plastic red key! And it happens before the game saves so I have to get it again! Pls fix this glitch.

Plz add dis...

You should add girl skins! Girls play this game too... not just boys. Plz add girls! I don’t like playing as a guy

Amazing game! Just one suggestion.

Let me start by saying that this game is GREAT. It is totally worth 5$. I got this a year ago and deleted it to make room for other games (huge mistake). I just re-downloaded it, and I do not plan on deleting it again. The tutorial level does exaggerate a little bit, but that’s a tutorial in a nutshell. Also a tip for when you start a prison (this applies to every one). On breakfast on Day 1, grab a Plastic Knife and equip it as a weapon. Now for the suggestion. I’ve watched DanTDM play The Escapists 2, and there was a map. Could you add a map in a Settings tab? That does not only apply for The Escapists on mobile, I mean in general. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you enjoy The Escapists!

Fun game

Really love this game. Now I hope they add escapists 2


Kinda hard to control but hours of fun :D I am not a robot

Love it

When I first started the game I didn’t really k ow what I was doing but that didn’t stop me from escaping but it took me to day 10 on the easiest level so I moved on to the next level and beat it on day 3! The only thing I would change about this game is changing it to first or third person perspective overall this is a five star game that takes a little bit of patience.

Best game ever!

This game is Amazing! When I saw it in pc by dantdm on Pc I was like I WANT IT! And now that I played it is so cool I hope the the escapists 2 comes out on mobile everyone send support and tell the developers to make the escapists 2 on mobile if they do it I will be so happy! 😄😁😇


Right now the only problem is when you try to look in another inmate's room the officers always find out making it WAAAY to hard to get stuff. If there are any other problems I will let you know.

Just One Thing

No complaints, just one suggestion, (this is written after Paris pen prison 2018) maybe your next update like in may you could add prison maker on mobile? Like wall selections and prisoner count guard count cameras the different already pre-made sections of the prison and add a requirements so you have to have all the rooms necessary to run a full prison day but you can have it optional to skip one meal but have max and min room and people count that will be awesome! Should be simple enough to put on mobile platform right? Also (written 2 months after previous suggestion) in PC when u get a inmate to 90 opinion you can recruit and dismiss them to fight with you, can you please add this in mobile? Or if it already is and i dont know how can you please tell me? No complaints just suggestions and eager for escapists 2! :D

Needs to fit IPhone X screen

I love the game, but the game still hasn’t been updated to fit the screen of the IPhone X and it looks really small.

Fantastic games but...

I believe this game is amazing but when I played on the pc version I noticed a few differences. First off, I either didn’t see it or the fhurst peak correctional facility is no there. Second off, I noticed that the graphics were improved which make the game look better but sometimes I would like it if there was some type of option to change the graphics. Lastly I saw that the way you use tools is different. I would just like there to be options for all of these!

Great game

It’s a great game, but I have one problem. Almost every time you load save the prisoners and guards attack you when you aren’t even able to move yet since the game is loading in. This happens to me frequently and I think it needs to be fixed

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