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A Suggestion

The game is great! It does good like the PC edition, but a few things removed. Only problem is that when you get onto the roof, walking between buildings using the pipes is hard, and leaves little room for error, making escaping HMP Irongate using the rooftops harder. My suggestion would be that you should have to keep walking onto the edge or make the room for the pipes bigger. 1 Star, since although this is major, I still should show respect to the rest of the game.

Just downloaded

No iPhone X support? Why did I just waste the money.

It’s ok

I don’t like it when I spawn in the game and then the medal detector got me killed when I spawned in

Escapeists PLEASE add more maps, I anyways love this game.

The Escapeists is the best escaping games EVER! But 1 thing they should add more maps like “The Banned Camp” Anyways it’s super fun.

I would rate 5 ⭐️if there was more prisons and prison maker that would be so fun

The reason is I completed all da prisons and I want prison editor


I like it not love it but the cops are to ugh hard to beat and u know never ever make one on lest u have a good thing

More updates ,please?

Make a mod were teddy bears can be crafted with clothes by having 0 or more intelligence. If you give them to people, you will be liked more. Crafting it will give you more intelligence. Cop bears are not illegal to the cops or the detectors. Items: teddy bear- inmate outfit or cop outfit.

Keeps crashing every 5-7 mins

Have newest phone, update, ios. It’s a mystery

Please, just do this one thing for me.

Im ABSOLUTELY obsessed with this game. I have been read on one of my comments before (At least I think that was me), and the developers fixed a glitch for me. But this is different, so just hear me out. I want a prison maker for ios. I always wanted to be able to make my prison on the go. Hopefully I can see this soon, and thank you!

Old names and Jeeps

please add the POW outfit back to stalag, jungle, and pancho Also add a Jeep to jungle compound. I’m in HMP and it’s kinda easy cuz guards don’t have stun rods, please add those back! Also add original names like elf outfit and not inmate outfit for every single one! Thanks and good game!

Fun game

I love playing this game with my little brother and he loves it to just wishing that it was more optimized to iPad Air 1


I wish to add the escape part II as soon as possible for mobile😭

Fun but sad

It's a really fun game but when I log in it kicks me out and it's a great game just fix more bugs like it kicking peaple out

Build your prison feature needed

This is a good game by team ten but they still need to come out with the build your own prison feature and I think the game will blow up so from me till then, it’s 4 stars

Great but, lots of bugs

I like it but, pls fix all these bugs! I keep on lagging off

Chinese support plz......

Chinese support plz......

Great Game!

I found this while just browsing the AppStore and is one of my favorite mobile games. I like that there are a variety of prisons and that you don’t have to buy a bunch of DLCs. At first I thought this wouldn’t be as good as the console and PC versions but it is very very good. The controls at first aren’t very good but once you get used to them it’s a very fun game. Money well spent

I want a refund

The game was fun at first but got old very quickly the first 2 levels are fun but it’s the same thing over and over again so I’m giving 2 stars. But it’s a unique game and I enjoy playing it and I hope they’re successful.


Ok and ok and ok👌🏼👈🍆😂 Ps➡️ the game is awesome 😎

iPhone X

Great game, just wish it would fit the screen on my iPhone X!

Great game...

There is still so much to do and when ur done with the main you can do the DLC which is free

Constantly crashes

I wish I could love this game, but it crashes every time I play it. And that resets my progress all the way back to my last checkpoint. I’m on an iPad not much more I can do on my side to smooth things out. What’s going on?!?

iPhone X support

The game is very good but This game needs compatibility with the iPhone X screen and i have this phone makes me uncomfortable to play


Well when I played this game I was 5 and really loved it.When I escaped my first prison I was 7 and a half.My heart was beating fast when I was so close.Know let's talk about how I love this game.First,I thought how can I escape? Why I said that is because,I was so close 2 times and they were kept calling me. I was not mad and that was a reason First time it was day second time I had bed dummy in my bed.This is one of my top 3 games I like a lot

Jingle Cells

Great game! However please add the prison “Jingle Cells” as a sequel to “Santa’s Sweatshop”.


If I spend money on an IOS video game I expect the game to be updated to fit my device.

Best prison escape game ever!

I love this game so much, I like the idea of having to escape the prison by crafting different items to get past the guards and escape. I have not passed the first prison yet, but even though the game might be a little difficult it is still fun to play. This game is the best!

iPhone X full support!!

Just needs full screen support on iPhone X and it would be my favorite game 🙌🏼


I love this game it is so hard and I think it is frustrating but I like it I hate when u make a cop mad at u/dislike and whenever they see u they beat u up.


The escapists ios and android need the prison creator Steam has it why is it not on ios and android plus there a lot of missing crafting recipes so add this later like the 2.0.0 Update or 1.5.0 update please

Can’t play

Wish I could actually play the game however whenever I go to the app I’ll just see the opening screen and then it’ll close out of itself. All my software is up to date and I have great internet so if the developers could patch it that’d be cool. But yea wish I could play!

I love this game

This is the best

Love it!

I loved it when I had it. It got deleted but I want it back but my parents wont let me. I’m sad but I will get it sometime I don’t know when though? Please send back!

Need this

I’ll make it short, MAP EDITOR

Just One Thing

No complaints, just one suggestion, (this is written after Paris pen prison 2018) maybe your next update like in may you could add prison maker on mobile? Like wall selections and prisoner count guard count cameras the different already pre-made sections of the prison and add a requirements so you have to have all the rooms necessary to run a full prison day but you can have it optional to skip one meal but have max and min room and people count that will be awesome! Should be simple enough to put on mobile platform right? :D

No snipers

It’s awesome but I don’t like the snipers, it’s the only thing stopping me from escaping.

Great Game!

When I first bought this game I played it for 10 hours straight. It has role playing elements with strategy and character affinity with item crafting... its a really fun game. The only complaint I have is crafting is supposed to be trial and error. I think this can be extremely frustrating, because you may craft something you think you need. or spend a few virtual days trying to save up for certain items when it turns out they were the wrong items or you didn’t need them. They also make you pay (virtual in-game currency) for “tips” which basically are crafting recipes. Look up the crafting recipes online and keep it by your side while you play, is in my opinion the way to keep the game engaging and not frustrating. I’ve played quite a few mobile games, and this is a gem. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes games to be challenging and engaging while still being a lot of fun. I don’t recommend it to casuals, lol. you may get a little flustered if you’re just used to candy crush ;)

Needs Map Editor

The game is great, just needs map editor and the ability to recruit other inmates.


It’s a great game and all but I was thinking more of a challenge somthing harder like multiplayer online multiplayer I just think that’d be a nice twist and maby a voice chat feature or somthing so you can communicate or have like teams just a idea like a team of online players being cops and others being prisoners and each has a given role or somthing ya know? That’s just my idea I hope you can make this multiplayer because some can’t afford escapists 2 right now like me

2 version

Plz add the escapist two like in the ps4 I’m tired of this one and don’t forget the cars and bikes and helicopters don’t forget anything and make it free for people ho already have the 1

Keep Crashing

In the first hour of playing the game, it already crashed a few times. It’s a fun and challenging game, and I would recommend it more and give it a higher stars if not for the constant crashing. I’m playing on iPad Pro 10.5 so my device spec shouldn’t be a problem. I tried everything from redownload the game to reset my ipad. Still crashing...

Best game ever

This game is awesome I saw People play this so much I recommend for you to buy it

GREAT GAME but 1 bug

this is a great game and the secont game came out when i just bought it its still good the 1 bug is u drop alot of stuff on the floor that covers the floor pick up the desk u cant put it down so i had to restart and can u add multiplayer on mobile

Super fun! One of the best apps I have

But for some reason I had to delete it and get it again. It wouldnt let get into the game! I do love this app though, even if I had to delete all my data. I’m happy to play the levels I completed again.

Guard mode

Please ad a guard mode every prison game has you playing as a inmate but it would be fun to play a guard to deal with riot and shake downs and keeping the prisoners in line other than that issue perfect game

Cannot escape stalag flucht

In the prison “Stalag Flucht”, I tried to dig out, but when I turn the generator off, it turns back on too early, please make the generator stay off for longer. On computer it works, so why not on mobile? Other than that, The escapists is a great game.

I can’t hear!!!

Someone help me I can’t hear

Awesome game

I love this game it is so fun and sometimes kind of hard it worth the money though

Add a prison editor for mobile.

I love this game the only thing i would like added is a prison editor DLC so you can make your own prisons on mobile and not have to own the computer version to do so.

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